Invest in institutional deals with attractive risk adjusted returns and low correlation to stock markets

Generate passive income with investments starting from $25k.

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What is Yieldtree?

Access to institutional style asset backed loans with multi-currency, multi-jurisdiction deal flow

Backed by real collateral

Investments are backed by real collateral such as property

Low correlation to equities

Investments typically have low correlation to equities

Short duration

Short duration, typically 6 – 36 months

Our Offerings

Simplified access to asset backed, income generating products

  • Each loan is standalone and unique to enable investors to structure their portfolio as they see fit
  • Each deal is transparent enabling investors to decide which risks they are comfortable taking
  • Income generating deals, with rates that depend on the asset type, risk level, and loan to value ratio
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Why Yieldtree?

We only offer deals that we are comfortable investing in ourselves. Deals are often co-investments alongside the originator or Yieldtree

We are experienced investment professionals, and tightly control the products we show on the platform.

We are a regulated business: we are an Authorised Representative of an Australian Financial Services licence holder in Australia; and we are seeking a Capital Markets Licence in Singapore

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Explore the latest institutional style, income generating products.

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